What herbs are helpful for menopause?

Posted March 20, 2012

Question: Hello. I am wondering about herb medicine for menopause to help me go through this time. Thank you.
Answer: Initially, it is best to address menopausal concerns with a diet high in phytoestrogenic foods such as soy products (not more than one serving per day), flaxseeds, alfalfa, beans and lentils, apples, carrots, wheat germ, pomegranates, rice bran, berries, oats and barley. If symptoms are not resolved, herbal medicines containing phytoestrogens, used alone or in combination and with the guidance of a health care provider, are your next option. These products are available at most health food stores and should be purchased in standardized form and taken on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness. Options may include:

Red Clover: Clover extracts taken at a dose of 160 mg isoflavones/day produce significant beneficial effects and offer cancer protection.
Dong quai: Dong quai may be of assistance with hot flashes and vaginal dryness especially when used in combination with the herbs black cohosh and chasteberry. A typical dose is 400 to 800 mg/day in capsule form or 1/4 to 1/2 tsp liquid extract three times a day.
Black Cohosh: Black cohosh does not actually contain phytoestrogens, however, several studies, including one presented in The Journal of Women’s Health have reported that it provides safe and effective relief of hot flashes and possible mood disorders associated with menopause. Take 200mg twice per day.

I recommend consulting with a natural medicine practitioner to determine the best solution.

Wishing you perfect balance,

Dr. Turner

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