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Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique has a vast array of products that are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and backed by latest science. Use these links to learn about and purchase some of our favorite selections:

Clear Medicine Professional Supplement Line  

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Our Clear Medicine Professional Line of Supplements is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and backed by the latest ground-breaking science to optimize your health, support your detox, and help you achieve your weight loss goals. These products are superior to health store brands because the potency and strength is typically only available through doctors and pharmacists. See all of the Clear Medicine products here.


Our patients thrive on shakes, smoothies and meal replacements on the go, which are perfect for any lifestyle. Shop all shakes here or link directly to one of the variety of options we have specially selected as they are pure protein sources without additives, sugar, fats, and free of common food allergens like soy and egg.

Our favorites protein powders to make smoothies, mix with a pre- or post- workout supplements shake-up with our new Clear Marine Collagen include:

•    Whey protein powder – Dream Protein (Vanilla or Chocolate Flavour)
•    Vegan (pea) protein powderPure Pea Protein
Our favorite meal replacement shakes (mix with water and drink on the go with no blending required!) include:
•    Clear Complete With a Multivitamin and Fiber Supplement (whey protein source) – available in Chocolate or Vanilla
•    Clear Complete Without a Multivitamin (whey protein source) – Chocolate
•    Paleo Complete – Dairy Free (Pea Protein-Based) – Vanilla or Chocolate
•    Clear Vegan Protein Complete Cleanse (pea protein source)
•    And more meal replacements shop all here including bars and shakes….



We care a lot about the protein bars we select to sell to our patients and customers. All must be free of allergens, harmful oils, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and gluten. They must also fit Dr. Turner ND’s nutrition profiles characterized in her books, therefore, they are low in carb, high in fiber and protein rich.  We’ve taken the time to list the top sellers here or you can shop all options.

•    B-Up Bars: Top-selling flavors include Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and more.
•    And more meal replacements including bars and shakes…..

Shop All Supplement Kits

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•    The Hormone Diet Detox
•    Weight Loss Starter Kit
•    Belly Fat Kit   

      And more ….Shop all kits.

We feel it is beneficial for most people to begin with The Hormone Diet Detox Kit 30 Program and then to move-on next to the kit that suits your goal, such as boosting thyroid health, energy, and weight loss, weight loss starter kit, or targeting belly fat. Whatever your health concern or goal is, be certain we have the kit for you!

In addition, our patients and readers find the following products very beneficial to their programs.  Many of these products also help keep you on the right track when on one of  the diet plans in Dr. Turner ND’s  books.
•    Clear Fiber, the hypoallergenic fiber supplement to consume at breakfast in your smoothies, coffee, water, or the low-carb liquid of your choice. This assists appetite control and metabolism for the whole day. Clear Fiber contains a blend of both soluble and insoluble fiber and it is free of psyllium.
•    Regular Girl Fiber, a tasteless soluble fiber supplement we suggest having in the afternoon combined with low-GI fruit for appetite control, digestive cleansing and belly fat loss.
•    Dream Protein – Chocolate or Vanilla to make smoothies
•    Clear Complete With a Multivitamin- Chocolate or Vanilla or  Clear Complete Without a Multivitamin – Chocolate (Clear Complete products are whey-based meal replacements) or Clear Vegan-Protein Complete Cleanse (pea-based meal option on the go with additional liver detox support for phase I and phase II detoxification pathways. Meal replacements and protein bars are perfect to keep at the office or for an “on the go” option on the way to the gym.
•    And if you have trouble falling or staying asleep, always address this as part of your kit too! Sleep is essential. We have a complete line of natural options to assist sleep, however, our top sellers are Clear zzz’s, Insomnitol Chews and Clear Balance, which can be used separately or in combination half an hour to an hour before bedtime.


Weight Loss

A woman in a sports bra stretching on a dock at Sanctuary CoveWe have a number of supplements to support your weight loss goals.  Our crucial focus is also on optimizing metabolism via supporting:

•    The liver (our primary metabolic organ)
•    The thyroid (our major metabolic gland that produces thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism)
•    The muscles (our major metabolic tissue)
•    Blood sugar balance
•    Hormone balance – especially insulin, thyroid hormones, mood hormonesserotonin and dopamine, and hormones of strength including growth hormone, melatonin and acetylcholine ( an essential hormone for mood, muscles, memory and movement that depletes with age).
•    Don’t forget about fiber and protein the two essential macro’s for fat loss!

Use of  many of these products to complete our weight loss program (available in-clinic as well as remotely via phone or Facetime) is truly SAFE FAT LOSS, it preserves metabolically active muscle, optimizes hydration and causes loss of stored body fat only.

Strength and Fitness

We want all of our patients and customers to be strong. You must optimize your sleep, protein intake, nutrition and total health to achieve and maintain this goal. You can also use supplements to increase your success and performance, including:

•    Pre-workout energy including Pure Form OmegaClear Power,  Clear Energy and Clear Vive and Clear Marine Collagen

•    Pre, During or Post Workout – Clear Recovery 
•    And more… Shop all Strength, Exercise and Energy Formulas….

Just for fun and FYI here’s a special share – Dr. Turner’s pre-workout snack (taken within 20 to 40 mins prior to her strength training sessions three days a week):
•    1 scoop Dream Protein, 1/2 scoop Clear Recovery and 1.5 tbsp of Clear Marine Collagen mixed/shaken in water
•    4 capsules of Clear Energy
•    4 capsules of Pure Form Omega
•    1 to 2 caps of Clear Potassium and 1 capsule of Clear Magnesium Calm

Shop All Products

View the complete selection of products on Dr. Natasha ND’s online store here. 

You can purchase these products by visiting a Clear Medicine location, by calling 416-579-9105 or emailing If you like to shop online, we ship all over the world.