Professional Praise

OpenMinds Event

“Natasha Turner ND spoke to our audience at OpenMinds about how hormones control our appetite, stimulate metabolism, and ultimately control our health. She used her extensive knowledge and experience as a leading naturopathic doctor to help explain the complex chemistry about how diets are doomed to fail because the hormones ultimately sabotage success. Her focus wasn’t on diets but rather on feeling good and living a healthy, well balanced life. To truly lose weight and feel our best we need to understand the relationship between hormones and what we eat. Her simple explanation and examples helped people to understand how to balance their hormones. Her candid presentation encouraged the audience to ask all their questions. Her success with patients and presenting her hormone diet was reflected in the rapid sellout of her new book. We all agreed we need to have her back once a year for another inspiring and educational experience.”

Gill Evans, OpenMinds

PowerStream Inc

“After thankfully discovering Dr. Turner ND’s book The Hormone Diet two years ago and following The Hormone Diet program myself, I felt very compelled to share her work with my colleagues. Since following the program my fellow employees at PowerStream Inc. are always commenting on how healthy I look and have definitely noticed my weight loss. I wanted to share my new found knowledge about my lifestyle change with my colleagues so our workplace had two Lunch & Learns where Dr. Turner ND inspired others to make positive lifestyle choices. Everyone was excited to hear Dr. Turner ND. She was delightful, informative and very easy to talk to. My colleagues are still reminiscing on how they enjoyed the Lunch & Learn and I am satisfied in knowing that I have done my part in passing on such valuable and thought-provoking information. Our learning here has not ended though as we are looking forward to having Dr. Turner ND back with us to run The Hormone Diet Executive Bootcamp. Through her work, Dr. Turner ND has enlightened my life and now the lives of those here at PowerStream Inc.”

Paula, PowerStream Inc

Dr. Christiane Northrup MD

“At last, a book about how to achieve hormonal health that looks at the big picture. This book is a treasure.“

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause (Hay House, 2008), The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, revised 2006), Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Bantam, revised 2006), and Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Bantam, 2005)

Dr. Jonathon Wright MD

The Hormone Diet adds an exciting new dimension to the contemporary discussion of hormones and health. It teaches people of all ages how to favorably alter their own internal hormone production with diet change, exercise, adequate sleep, natural detoxification, stress reduction, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and botanicals—a truly patent medicine-free and very effective, holistic approach.

Dr. Natasha Turner ND leads readers through a simple, step-by-step approach to determine which of their hormones are high and which are low, and then another step-by-step approach to the correction of these imbalances over time. Following her advice will result in significantly better hormone balance and over-all health—and lead to sustained weight loss for as long as her program is followed. Very highly recommended!”

Dr. Jonathon Wright MD, pioneer of women’s natural hormone replacement therapy, author of 14 books and one of the world’s top preventive medicine doctors.

Sam Graci

“Dr. Natasha Turner, N.D., is brilliant, authentic and a top notch author….She is sincerely dedicated to the health and well-being of us all. I have found her advice and experience to be remarkably helpful in my life. I am sure this book will become the cornerstone of your progressive, healthy lifestyle…. I personally favour Dr. Turner’s approach as it gives certain hope for the possibility of re-establishing superior hormone communication patterns by non-drug, lifestyle interventions. This is powerful knowledge! My 25 years of research has demonstrated to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the groundbreaking dietary approach explained in The Hormone Diet, with straightforward, no-nonsense terminology – from eating slowly to fully embracing life and joy – is the best strategy for a healthy and happy life.”

Sam Graci, internationally renowned lecturer, researcher, formulator of greens +, and author of four books including his latest, The Bone-Building Solution.


“Never has their been a more comprehensive resource for achieving hormonal health – a practical guidebook for the patient and a must-read for everyone in the health field. Dr. Turner ND does an excellent job of explaining the cause, the effect, and the solution so the reader can make informed decisions about their own health – one step at a time”

Tara Rose. Co-Founder, BodyAthletica