Hormone Diet Bootcamp


The Hormone Diet Bootcamp: Curb Cravings, Beat Belly Fat and Feel Younger Longer

With now over 1000 successfully transformed bootcampers, we are proud to say that The Hormone Diet Bootcamp is one of the top wellness programs in Canada. In FIVE short weeks you will build the foundation for better hormonal health.

Dr.Turner designed this program to address the entire spectrum of hormonal health – presented in a simple, reasonable and feasible step by step process! No matter your age, gender, body type or current health goals – this balanced wellness approach can provide the foundation of hormonal health – for all. The Hormone Diet Bootcamp provides the knowledge needed to take charge of re–fuelling your depleted energy reserves, getting better sleep, enhancing your mood and mental focus, increasing your performance and most importantly: becoming the VIBRANT YOU again.  “Just making it through each day” is NOT the norm-nor is feeling tired or experiencing weight gain simply because you are “getting older”. Do you want to change but perhaps feel overwhelmed with the notion of where to start? Thousands have reaped the benefits of this program. Simply stated – it works. By the end of the five weeks you will have tweaked all the activities you already do now – eat, sleep, exercise, etc…but Dr. Turner will show you how to make these activities into hormone balancing–fat burning fun.  Teaching this class is always defined by Dr. Turner as one of the favourite things she does. And we as a team are committed to giving you the support you need to achieve hormonal bliss.  It is attainable, let us show you how.

In the last Bootcamp alone we had so many success stories:

One participant cured her migraines (after 20 years), another got off her blood pressure medication, someone else stopped their hair loss, another boosted his energy after years of chronic fatigue, and so many shed stubborn belly fat.

 Best of all, the bootcamp is taught by a naturopathic doctor so the majority of the program fees is covered under your health insurance provider under Naturopathic Services. Please check your individual provider to confirm. Another bonus – you get all the basic detox supplements included as well as a copy of The Supercharged Hormone Diet.

A Proven Method for Restoring Health Balance

Pre-Bootcamp: Designed to set the stage for your success! Your Best Body Assessment will uncover your metabolic rate, muscle mass, waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. Do you need to gain muscle? Is your current body composition placing you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and/or obesity?

Week 1 – Begin Your Detox:
Discover the three most common hormonal imbalances
The effects of insulin, cortisol and inflammation
How to optimize your digestion and decrease toxicity
The Hormone Diet Detox prescription

Week 2 – Repair and Rejuvenate:
What happens when your body is acidic
How your sleep affects your hormones, appetite and cravings
Recommendations to combat sleep problems
Stress management techniques that really work

Week 3 – Transition Week From Your Detox:
Eliminate gas, bloating, headaches, water retention, puffy eyes and more
Learn the rules for hormonally-balanced eating
How to avoid hidden sugars and beat cravings
Best fiber sources to flatten your stomach

Week 4 – Learn the Rules of Eating for Hormonal Balance:
Discover what hormone disrupting foods you should avoid
The best protein, fat and carb selections in the grocery store
Learn how to eat at the right time and in the right amounts
Nutrition tips to increase energy, prevent cravings and remain slim

Week 5 – Next Steps and Hormone Optimization Training:
Discover the 10 most common workout mistakes
Hormonally balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans
How to cheat once a week and still lose weight
Recommendations for dining out and staying on track

Post-Bootcamp: Book an appointment for your final weigh-in and Best Body Assessment. Continue to work with one of our Naturopaths or Nutritionists one-on-one to discuss your specific blood values, results of your hormonal health profile and any health concerns, if desired.

Bootcamp (Co-Ed)

The Hormone Diet Bootcamp Evening Class:

Class Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Class Dates:
1) Wed February 15th, 2017
2) Wed February 22th, 2017
3) Wed March 1st, 2017
4) Wed March 8th, 2017
*No Class Wed March 15th, 2017
5) Wed March 22nd, 2017

Clear Medicine: 123 Dupont Street Toronto, On, M5R 1V4


The Hormone Diet Bootcamp Daytime Class:

Class Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Class Dates:
1) Thr February 16th, 2017
2) Thr February 23rd, 2017
3) Thr March 2nd, 2017
4) Thr March 9th, 2017
*No Class Thr March 16th, 2017
5) Thr March 23rd, 2017

Clear Medicine: 123 Dupont Street Toronto, On, M5R 1V4

The program runs for 5 consecutive weeks. All classes are taught by Dr. Natasha Turner and the Clear Medicine Team.  All Bootcamp patients are able to boo All classes take place at 123 Dupont Street, corner Davenport Road in Toronto. Payment and pre-registration is required to reserve your spot.

Please contact our Customer Care Specialist Susan at 647-515-9105 or email clearservice@clearmedicine.com to book your Bootcamp today! Note: Cancellations must occur 7 days prior to the start of the bootcamp. Refunds will be subject to a 10% administration fee.