Group Programs

We have two fun and interactive group programs to set you on your way toward optimal health and wellness.  All group participants must begin our programs by attending and completing  The Hormone Diet Bootcamp first.

The Hormone Diet Bootcamp: Curb Cravings, Beat Belly Fat and Feel Younger Longer

Learn more about the proven method to restore health and hormonal balance program here. This program is based on The Hormone Diet and Supercharged Hormone Diet.

Upcoming Dates

Session 1

Class Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Class Commences: February 21, 2018


A bright conference room with two whiteboards and a television

Clear Medicine Group Weight Loss 5-Week Course: Dr. Turner ND’s Latest Work!

Our new, personalized, easy to follow, structured and closely guided weight loss program that keeps you progressing week to week and avoids the dreaded weight loss plateau. This group program is based on Dr. Turner ND’s books The Carb-Sensitivity Program and The Hormone Boost .

Upcoming Dates

Session 1

Class Time: 6:40pm – 7:40pm
Class Commences: Tuesday February 13, 2018



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Please call 416-579-9105 or contact for pricing and more information.