Posted December 5, 2018

1. Vitamin D3 Drops

We should ALL be taking Vitamin D, especially during the winter season.
Each drop contains 1000 IU

2. Vegan Protein Powders

Pure Pea unflavored protein provides sugar-free, vegetable protein. Is excellent for those sensitive to sugar, sweeteners, or flavourings – a great powder to add to favourite smoothie recipes!
Great for those sensitive to gluten or milk, egg, or soy proteins.

Or Pumpkin Seed Protein which provides 19 grams of complete plant protein per serving with a slightly nutty flavor. Great on its own or mixed in with a smoothie.

3. Clear ZZZ

Are you or loved ones traveling over the holidays? Have trouble sleeping?
Melatonin (3mg) lozenges are sure to help out.

4. Flavour God Seasonings or Oh My Spice

Spice up their life with these wonderful, low sodium, paleo and GMO/ MSG free seasonings.
Did you know the bacon lovers seasoning is Vegan?

5. Almond Protein Spread – Birthday Cake Flavour

This delicious almond spread has 11 grams of protein per serving
and all-natural ingredients. Enjoy with an apple, in a smoothie, oatmeal, or by the spoonful!

6. Clear Lipotrim or Keto Strips

Are any loved ones trying desperately to lose a few extra pounds? Are they struggling with metabolism issues? This product is targeted towards liver and fat metabolism support. Keto Strips are the perfect addition for those trying to lose a few pounds! They can be especially useful for those beginning a ketogenic diet because it lets the individual know that their body has adapted to ketosis and have indeed limited their carbohydrate consumption sufficiently to force the body into ketosis, thereby starting the process of burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. We find that this is one gift some of our patients by for themselves!

7. Simply Protein Chips

Sold in boxes of 12, these chips are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Low Sugar, Low Glycemic, High in Iron, Kosher, Not Fried or Baked, Made from Non-GMO Pea Protein and TASTY. Buy a box or two and throw individual packets into stockings or gift bags. Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt or Spicy Chili are delicious.

8. pH Papers

The body’s pH level indicates the body’s acid/alkaline balance and tells the health of an individual. We recommend testing your body pH levels daily so that you can maintain an ideal range.

9. The Hormone Boost or OTHER BOOKS

When it comes to metabolism, energy, immunity, memory, mood, and strength, who doesn’t need a boost now and then? All of Dr. Turner ND’s books provide excellent resources as well as recipes to get you or a loved on the right path for wellness and hormonal balance!

10. Chocolate Coconut Fibre Bars

These fibre bars taste delicious and are gluten-free, contain no sucrose, fructose or soy protein and are kosher. Up your fibre and reach for these as a healthy snack!

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