Ever Wondered What Supplements Dr. Natasha Turner Takes and Why?

Posted November 27, 2019

As weather has cooled and life is hectic I find myself changing up my supplement routines a bit. It is always wise to check in with your Naturopathic Doctors once a season to re-evaluate your supplements and bloodwork. Depending on the time of the year my focus is different. Currently I am focussing on amino acids and antioxidants. I am also working on building up my immune system as I have had a bad cold. Yes, it’s true – even Naturoapths get sick occasionally.

Some parts of my routines never change. I feel so good when I start my day with my breakfast shake and I consistently take: Pure Form organic vegan omegas, Dopamine Support (Rhodiola, Tyrosine and Phenylalanine), D3 Drops, Melatonin and Vitamin C.

I wanted to share my daily supplement dosing that I am doing now as well as reasons why I take them. As always, I recommend an appointment with your ND to decide what is best for your body. I have included these new supplements because of my recent bloodwork – I am not recommending you take all of these, but I think it is important to share how significant the bloodwork is for solving issues with our health. I will re-test in a few weeks to see how it has changed and then re-evaluate again.

Morning routines:

I take all of these in the morning when I wake up and before I work out.

Morning Shake – I add creatine (Creatine, BCAA and Antioxidants is my favourite), collagen (Nova Scotia Marine Collagen plus C is the best formula), whey protein, fibre and water. Shake and go. Easy! Read all about my daily morning ritual here: Dr. T Morning Shake

~ Purchase here

PLUS I take the following supplements with my morning shake. Click on each to purchase or read ingredients. Have a question? You can email orders@clearmedicine.com or call Clear Medicine and my staff are happy to help.

~  Taurine which helps stress, depression and anxiety. Increases BDNF which is a naturally-occurring protein in the brain that improves brain function and lowers your risk of mental disease. Here is an interesting article on BDNF, your brain’s growth hormone. I take 4 capsules.

~ N.A.C helps with asthma, liver support, brain and antioxidant. I take 2 capsules.

~ Plant-Based Omega 3’s – plant based formularead more about it here. I take 6 capsules

~ Curcuminread the 6 benefits of Curcumin here. I take 1 capsule.

~ Clear Liver Support – the selenium in this formula helps with thyroid function and milk thistle supports liver. I take two capsules.

~ Vitamin C – Vitamin C Boost – I especially like this formula as it has black pepper extract which helps promote absorption and bio-availability of vitamin C. I take 2 capsules.

~ Clear Energy – ever wonder why I have so much energy? This is part of the reason – I also have a great sleep routine and workout regularly and this combo keeps me energetic. I take 4 capsules every morning.

~ Potassium Boost – helps with hydration and water retention as well as decreasing muscle pain after workouts. I take 2 capsules.

~ Clear B12 + folatemany amazing benefits of B12 in this blog – I take 1 capsule.

~ Immune Essentials – taking now as I have had a rotten cold. I take 3 twice a day for immunity support.

Middle of afternoon shake:

I only have if I can’t have a real meal. It’s a great on the go option especially when I have a full day of patients.  I add one scoop of Clear Complete Vegan with Multivitamin and I add one more scoop of the Pure Pea of Perfect Pea and Rice formulas so that is 30g protein. This stops me from unnecessary snacking and keeps me satisfied until dinner.


If I still have a lot of energy I take the following to calm my body and prepare for sleep about 30 minutes before bedtime:

~ Zinc 50 – 1 capsule

~ Magnesium Bis-gylcinateBenefits of magnesium.  1 or 2 capsules

~ Clear zzz – melatonin formula – 1 lozenge

~ Theanine – this calms my mind. I can’t take the Clear Balance formula as my DHEA is high so I stay away from relora which is one of main ingredients. Clear Balance is excellent to take before bed for those with a busy mind and who wake up between hours of 2-4am.

~ Once a week I take a high dose of Vitamin D3 Drops.

**Please remember this is specific daily dosing list for me. I do not recommend taking all of these products. However, I do recommend you book an appointment with your ND and have some blood work completed to assess your own health going forward. If you would like to make an appointment with one of the wonderful and knowledgeable NDs at Clear Medicine, please call today 416.579.9105 – or – even easier – book online at www.clearmedicine.janeapp.com. I am not presently accepting new patients. **

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