Dr. Turner’s Top Six Tips To Stay Slim Over The Holidays

Posted December 16, 2015


The big day is only a few weeks away and we want to make sure you keep the holiday pounds off…here are “Dr. Turner’s Top Six Tips To Stay Slim Over The Holidays”

1.Floss your teeth daily to maintain great oral hygiene

Now this isn’t just an old fashioned good habit, practicing oral hygiene can improve your weight loss efforts. A review in the journal Obesity Reviews found a positive association between body composition and periodontitis (gum disease). This means that those with higher body fat levels were more likely to have periodontitis – it has everything to do with inflammation. Bottom line: Keep a toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste at work, brush after all meals and floss twice daily.

2.Keep a daily food journal

Accountability provides an effective babysitter when it comes to your daily actions, even if you are the only one looking at it. A researcher from a 2008 study says that people keeping a food diary six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who kept food records one day a week or less. Bottom line: I recommend buying a small notebook that you can easily fit in your bag or purse, and recording your wellness habits (the good, bad and ugly) on a day to day basis. Jot down the following: food, drink and supplements (including timing), sleep habits (duration and quality), weight and measurements (weekly), exercise and relaxation habits.

3.Eat protein at every meal, the size and width of your palm

If hormones are the driving force behind your appetite control or desire to eat, protein is a seasoned driving instructor. Consumption of protein causes the release of PYY (the hormone that tells your body you’re full), so eating protein regularly throughout the day will keep your cravings under control and your desire to overeat in check.

4.Eat one to two servings of raw nuts, nut butters and/or seeds daily and 1 tbs olive oil

A review of 31 studies on nut consumption found that those who added nuts to their diets lost more weight and reduced their waist size. Even though they are calorie dense, they are just as high on the satiety scale making them the perfect adjunct to a meal with protein and veggies or a fat source in a smoothie.Besides helping us lose weight, balance our hormones, reduce inflammation and keep insulin under control, olive oil also breaks down the fat cells we already have according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. It’s important to note that a diet high in polyunsaturated soybean oil had the opposite effect.

5.Drink eight or more glasses of alkaline water daily (using Santevia water filter)

Researchers from Germany reviewed evidence from 11 studies that investigated the link between water intake and body weight. Water drinkers appear to shed the pounds faster than their less hydrated counterparts. However, hydration has a myriad of benefits from keeping your digestion moving along to preventing wrinkles and dry skin.

6.Choose a smaller plate and a larger fork

Eat off a smaller main entrée (or large salad) plate that’s about 8 to 10 inches, instead of piling food onto a 12-inch dish. This simple switch will lead to the same feelings of satisfaction, but with 22% fewer calories. It’s basically like that awesome optical illusion: the eyes — not the stomach — count calories. One study found that in a restaurant setting, using a larger fork actually led to eating less than when subjects ate with a small fork. Also, watch the colour of your plate. In one study reducing the color-contrast between the dinnerware and its background (i.e. table, tablecloth or placemat) helps reduce over-serving by as much as 10%. If your goal is to eat less, select plates that have high contrast with what you plan to serve for dinner. Want to eat more greens? Try serving them on a green plate!

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