Clear Medicine Weight Loss

Clear Medicine has a new, personalized, easy to follow, structured and closely guided weight loss program that keeps you progressing week to week and avoids the dreaded weight loss plateau. According to the latest research, about 96% of people tend to gain weight back – plus more – with the typical approach of cutting calories/exercising more. Clearly, this does not work and only leads to future weight gain, let alone metabolic damage.

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Clear Medicine Weight Loss  – Based on Dr. Turner ND’s Bestselling Books The Carb Sensitivity Program and The Hormone Boost 

Our approach is simple, when you exercise less, we will help you to eat less; and when you exercise more, we will guide you on the best food options as you should eat more.  Your dietary habits, how much you move and how much you exercise are inseparable. We want you to start living each day by asking yourself this question: How much am I going to move today? It is your answer that will determine your diet – daily.

You will monitor your ENERGY, HUNGER, and CRAVINGS so we can adapt your plan to suit your results and how you feel. For instance, if you have increased hunger or cravings or decreased energy we may need to: increase protein, fiber or water-based foods; increase fat; increase starch and drop fat; increase fat and starch: or add snacks, etc. We will most likely do these things in this order, but overall, we will become metabolic detectives together. In addition, we will strictly monitor your fat burning metabolism and ensure you are progressing week to week.

Our crucial focus is also on optimizing metabolism via supporting:

  • The liver (our primary metabolic organ)
  • The thyroid (our major metabolic gland that produces thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism)
  • The muscles (our major metabolic tissue).

Our weight loss program is truly SAFE FAT LOSS, it preserves metabolically active muscle, optimizes hydration and causes loss of stored body fat only.

Clear Medicine Weight Loss Program has been structured and designed to avoid any of the pitfalls of typical diets. We will hold you accountable and teach you the principles behind how the diet actually works – two essential keys to your success in the long term. Ultimately, you’ll master making the best choices for your metabolism – no matter where you are.

Services included in the Clear Medicine Weight Loss:

  • New Patients to Clear Medicine will have two Naturopathic Consultations:
    •  The first session will provide personalized naturopathic assessment, supplement and testing recommendations
    • The second session will provide body composition analysis and determination of your personal goals. Goals will be set for your number of pounds to be lost,  your appropriate muscle mass for your frame (i.e. if we will determine if you are muscle deficient) and your perfect waist size. The program philosophy, dietary rules and permitted foods will also be explained.
    • On-going weekly coaching with Dr. Turner ND to keep you progressing, to address hunger, energy or weight loss concerns, and to ensure you master the rules for this new lifestyle is recommended for at least four consecutive weeks following your second week’s appointment.
  • Returning Patients (Special Pricing Applies): Your services include one 45 – 60 min Naturopathic appointment during which we will reassess your case, set your body transformation goals and explain the weight loss nutrition and supplement program.
  • For Remote Patients (Special Pricing Applies): Your services include four nutrition consultations by phone or by Facetime.

Program support materials included in Clear Medicine Weight Loss (Weight Loss Kit) for New Patients Returning Patients, and Remote Patients:

  • Patient instructions and permitted food handouts, menu plans, etc.
  • Wellness Tracker (please use this to track your meals as a guide to help our practitioners to guide you better)
  • Ketone Strips to assess your fat burning metabolism
  • Two required supplements for the nutrition plan that will accelerate fat loss and control appetite and cravings.
  • Signed copy of Dr. Turner ND’s book The Carb Sensitivity Program
  • For Remote Patients: Your Weight Loss Kit will be sent by mail and shipping is included in the cost of your program.

Program Add-On (additional fees apply): Blood testing for Clear Medicine Weight Loss including all recommended tests in The Carb Sensitivity Program.

Program Add-on (additional fees apply): Master The Highly Effective and Unique Style of Training From The Hormone Diet and The Hormone Boost With one of our Kinesiologists or Trainers. Speak to one of our Kinesiologists (Heather or Olesha) to discover if this is the right fit for you. (Check your insurance policy for coverage under exercise specialty Kinesiotherapy). Or book a free consult with our strength specialist, Mitch, to see if he’s your best fit.

Please call us 416-579-9105 or email us at for more information on program pricing for new patients, returning patients, or patients who would like to complete the program by phone.