Success Stories

Did you lose belly fat, improve your digestion, boost your energy or balance your moods on The Hormone Diet or Supercharged Hormone Diet program? We would love to hear from you! Share your success story by emailing us at or filling out our contact form, and you can be featured on our website.


“I began Dr. Natasha Turner’s Hormone Diet 5 weeks ago now, and have just completed it. Since I started the diet, I have experienced incredible improvements in my health; not only with my digestive system, but also in my sleep patterns, energy levels and even my physical appearance. During the diet, I was able to continue to work out at the gym – doing both cardio and weight training, and I still enjoyed balanced, but healthy meals each day. By the end of the diet, I ended up losing 22 pounds! I plan to continue a modified version of this diet (eating healthy and vitamins), making it my new lifestyle, since I feel so fantastic.” (Lost 22lbs and 8% bodyfat!)


“The HDB has changed my life, quite honestly. I have gone from someone overweight with little success on numerous diets to a person excited about my future. The changes in these 5 weeks have been small but significant and to say I now work out with weights – well that is something I never thought I would say but kudos to Anthony who made it challenging and fun. Dr. Turner is a joy to be around, she is motivating, incredibly knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to follow manner. I would recommend this to anyone who has struggled as I have to get weight off and to just feel better.”



“Within FOUR days of starting The Hormone Diet Bootcamp I was sleeping through the night. As an added bonus, I went down 2 belt sizes and shed stubborn belly fat in the first four weeks. I am extremely happy with the program and highly recommend it to others!”

The Natural Omnivore Blog

“After having tried “The Carb Sensitivity” program, I noticed wonderful results. I had more steady levels of energy, no mid-afternoon crash, slept more deeply, started feeling my clothes fit looser and that little pooch on my belly disappeared. I also introduced this diet to my mom who has also had fabulous results. Over the course of two months, she lost 20 pounds, reported more energy, and significantly flattened her tummy. It was surprising for me to learn that sometimes to get started on a healthy diet and to see results we have to reset the way our bodies react to the healthy food.”


“I had my post bootcamp assessment on June 27th. I am happy to report that I am 14lb lighter and my body fat percentage has come down by 5%! I am so thrilled and grateful for the program and the tools that you have given me to be able to achieve this. I have shed another pound since the assessment and I am continuing to follow the program. Once I got the timing and combinations right, with a little bit of planning it is so easy to follow and I am not constantly starving like on some of the other diets that I have tried. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing the program and showing me the way!”


“Just wanted to take a second and thank you for all you do for us. I’ll be 53 in September and I’m VERY Estrogen dominate. I don’t know if eating the “Carb-Sensitive Way” has helped increase my progesterone.. but my periods are not as heavy as they were six months ago. And… I lost 30 pounds ♥”

Five Stars!

“I happened to see this lady on Dr. Oz, which I never watch since I work during the day. I have been looking to see why my sense of smell was still so strong and narrowed it down to hormones being off. That is why I got this book. Little did I know it would completely get my IBS under control like nothing, nothing ever has. Yes, it takes while to read it. Then, based off what you get for your scores, you have to create your own plan. But I got my numbers, ordered my supplements off Amazon, and within days I was feeling so much better. It has helped my inflammation, my anxiety, and my IBS. I am off all prescription pills I was on for all those. Not only that, but for the first time in years, I am not cold all the time. I still take my thyroid meds, and will just because it takes so long to find the right dose, but for years, I was cold all the time. Not any more. My metabolism is kicking in. As for losing weight, I really don’t care if I do or not since I have gotten all the above. But, I have. Just by being able to deal with my IBS, I can actually get out and run like I used to. This book was life changing for me. If you really want to feel good and think your hormones have anything to do with it, buy this book! It helped my arthritis, my thyroid, my anxiety, and my IBS. If it would have helped only one of those, I would have praised it. Take the time to go through the book and rate yourself. If this could have been rated 100 stars, I would have rated it so. And it did help my sense of smell not be so overwhelming, leading to my IBS acting up.”


“I would like to thank Dr. Natasha Turner for her book. I have always been a fan of Weight Watchers as you can eat what you want as long as you count the points. But I was never able to stick to it. This program is the first I have stuck to and I certainly have been telling everyone I know about it as I see success. I finally understand the importance of a balanced meal. I am going to a close on my 4th week of the program (moving on to Phase 5) and I have lost 17 pounds. I look for to continuing with this program. My goal is 70 pounds so I am anxious to see how it all ends up. Thanks again :)”


“Dear Dr. Turner: THANK-YOU! I have been an active, “healthy” woman my whole life; at least that’s what I thought! I’ll start with where my story is right now: no acne, no allergies, no bloating, no wild hormone swings, energy-energy-energy, lower % body fat, increased hydration, increased bone density – PLUS an unexpected weight drop of 14 lbs. And it just keeps getting better!

My “girls” at the gym have all been wondering what I am doing? The plain and simple answer is: I’ve followed Dr. Natasha Turner’s Supercharged Hormone Diet followed by the Carb Sensitivity Program. I’ve changed what I eat, how I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. That’s it. Period. This is not a “diet” – it’s quite simply how everyone should eat ~ and I’ve told everyone I know. The “girls” are all now following your plan and we regularly discuss how we’ve become enlightened through your educational commentary, scientific research, and logical explanations about what is going on in our bodies.

I have scoured every page, made notations, highlighted paragraphs, and generally use them as my cookbooks and bible. I didn’t even know I HAD food allergies or sensitivities until I followed your program. I have gone on to learning about alternative flours, alternative dairy products, supplements specific to my hormonal imbalances, and just educated myself in general about eating to lower my insulin, maintaining balanced hormones, and naturally revving up my metabolism. So thank-you Dr. Turner for providing such fantastic information. You inspired me, and I have in turn inspired others – I’m sure you hear this all the time, but this has changed my life.”


“Thank you for your book, Carb Sensitivity Program. You’ve helped me change my life! Since I began using your Red book in July, I’ve lost and kept off 15 pounds, (121-106) which is a lot for my 5 foot, petite frame. I’ve also built muscle in my arms and sleep so much better! I went from a size 4 to a size 0! I eat completely differently- vegetarian/plant based diet, except for my dark chocolate! Also, I’ve had to clean out my closet, about 40 items of clothing that were too loose and baggy! I’ve had foot surgery recently and was unable to walk or exercise, but because of my new carb-free diet, I maintained my weight! Thank you!”


“I have never felt better in my life. I am sure you hear that quite a bit but this is a momentous thing for me and my family. I turned 29 last December and all I could think was “Oh my god, I have another 30 or 40 years of feeling like this”. I’ve spent the past 5 years in and out of hospital on so many steroids and chemo’s and painkillers. I’ve had so many doctors tell me that this was just the way it was going to be and I would have to get used to it. Which is why I wanted to do the bootcamp. I wanted to take back some of the control that I’ve lost over the years. Fast forward to now and I haven’t had to take a painkiller in weeks, I don’t sleep 14 hours a day anymore and I actually wake up in the morning and feel like I’ve slept. And, (and this one may be my personal favourite) I haven’t had ONE kidney stone since starting this detox. Everyone who knows me is commenting on how I actually look better. It’s kind of amazing. I’m almost afraid to say that I am feeling better because I am not used to it. I feel like I have my life back. I don’t even begin to know how to thank you for that.

This has seriously been life changing for me. I have tried everything. I even once went on a 5 day apple fast because it was supposed to help with inflammation. And I can’t tell you how happy my husband is that I’m not trying to take off the steroid weight with crazy soup diets anymore. You guys are awesome. I feel like such a convert because I’m telling EVERYONE.”


“Phase 1 of The Carb Sensitivity Program is done and I am down 4 lbs already. I’m close to my goal (10 lbs to go) so I’m happy! Onto phase 2 !!!!! I’m almost 3 weeks post op for a hysterectomy and am so glad I’ve nipped some weight gain in the butt. So many women gain after a hysterectomy. I’m proving that theory WRONG! So glad I saw Dr Turner on the Marilyn Dennis show! Her book really makes sense! I’ll keep you posted!”


“You are helping so many of us to finally learn to take control of our health. I always knew it wasn’t just “calories in, calories out” when the countless programs I attempted to follow failed miserably. I have now succeeded in releasing 35 pounds. I am now integrating your program with my releasing weight permanently “from the inside out” with hypnosis which harnesses positive energy and thinking. I am getting great results with my clients! I always knew hypnosis is a powerful tool but needs to be done together with managing our insulin. Many of my clients are amazed when I inform them of carbohydrate sensitivity and its relationship to insulin and weight gain. I will continue to recommend your book to my clients. My daughter has PCOS and has begun to see some wonderful changes as well. Thanks again for the wonderful contribution you are making!”


” Dr. Natasha Turner’s bootcamp gives extraordinary results!! My energy was revived with her nutritional advice and thanks to her hormone oriented workouts, within one month my chronic back pain disappeared; along with inches off my waistline. I feel like a brand new Me. Thanks to Dr Turner and to Anthony and everyone at Clear Medicine.” (Lost 7lbs of fat, 5.5 inches off her belly button and gained 1lb of muscle!)


“I am a 24 year old woman with PCOS who has been following the Hormone Diet for about a year.

I started at a weight of 282 lbs and this morning I weighed in at 222 lbs! That’s a total of 60 lbs so far!

With The Hormone Diet, I have also been able to regulate my menstrual cycle along with diet and exercise. I have so much more energy than I used to and all I needed to do was make a few lifestyle changes. Thank you!”



“Just wanted to pass on how great your book The Hormone Diet is! It is definitely eye opener and life changing. Anyways just wanted to pass on my appreciation for what you’ve written and have recommended it to numerous people!”


“The positive results I have experienced from The Hormone Diet Bootcamp has far exceeded my expectations. I am 72 years old, 40 to 50 pounds overweight, require 3 different medications to control my blood pressure and I am a diabetic requiring medication to control my blood sugars, also have mild arthritic pain in my joints. Through the bootcamp I lost 20lbs and 2 ½ inches off my waist. My blood pressure readings are the lowest I have experienced in 40 years; in fact my family doctor took me of one medication and is monitoring me bi-weekly with the goal of eliminating all medication. My blood sugar levels dropped one whole point. I believe the detox has reduced or eliminated the inflammation in my body to such an extent that I no longer have any arthritic pain. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight or just to simply feel better!”


“As you are aware I recently completed the Supercharged Hormone Diet you recommend to your gym members. The positive results I have experienced far exceeded my expectations. Before I explain the benefits a brief medical history is required. I am 72 years old, 40 to 50 pounds overweight, require 3 different medications to control my blood pressure and I am a diabetic requiring medication to control my blood sugars also have mild arthritic pain in my joints.

During the 30 day detox period my weight loss was 20lbs. with a 2 ½ in. loss off my waist. I expect to lose more weight by following the healthy maintenance program.

My blood pressure readings are the lowest I have experienced in 40 years; in fact my family doctor took me off one medication and is monitoring me bi-weekly with the goal of reducing or eliminating all medication. My blood sugar readings during the 30 days detox have dropped a full point and continue to stay at the level.I believe the detox has reduced or eliminated the inflammation in my body to such an extent that I no longer have any arthritic pain. My heart rate while exercising has decreased to a more acceptable rate of about 128 – 130 range where before it would get up to a rate of 138 – 145 requiring me to slow down or stop.

I would certainly recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight or just to simply feel better.

A big Thank You for the concern you have for your members overall healthy lifestyle.”


“I want to thank you for your latest book, the Supercharged Hormone Diet, and for being on the Marilyn Dennis show to promote it. When your first book came out I did not even give it a glance because I assumed that it was another fad diet to join the ranks of Atkins, South Beach and what not. I watched the show and realized that it was far from it. It got me interested enough to go out and buy your second book. I still had reservations when I started reading it, as the thought of giving up my morning bagel and an after dinner cookie along with other sugar fixes seemed unbearable. Halfway through the book I placed an order for my supplements and by the time I finished the book I could not wait to get started on my makeover. I used to think I had been eating healthy (for the most part) but I had not realized how much the “unhealthy bits” jeopardized everything I tried to do to stay in shape. I worked out an hour a day and even 1.5 hrs on weekends and was shocked to see the numbers on my scale moving in the wrong direction. The frustration was affecting me in so many ways. Thanks to you, 6 months later and 20lb lighter I am a new person! I went to my Aunt’s 70′th birthday party and I was amazed how unfazed I was by the loaded dessert table. A few months ago I would have been tripping over myself to get to it. I worked exactly as you had said it would. Thank you!”


“I wanted to touch base and let you know as of today I am down another 10 lbs (in less than 3 weeks)! YIPPPPPEEEEEE YAHOOOOEEEEE I weighed myself at the gym this morning and was 142lbs. I was 152lbs the last time I weighed myself there which was when I can to see you Nov. 24th so that was a great surprise. I knew I was down but didn’t think it was that much. Gotta’ love when your jeans are too big.”


“In all of my 57 years I have never felt more thoroughly taken care off by any doctor or clinic for that matter. For the first time I can actually picture myself healthier and at my ideal weight. I can’t praise your clinic, Clear Medicine, enough already and it’s only been a few days. The sleeping routine and having stopped the sugar and bread cravings so fast – alone are a huge thing for me. I slept until 8:00 a.m. this morning instead of the usual 5:30. What I am experiencing now is flu like and tired, which I expected as part of the detox so I’m fine with it. Especially now that I am able to stay home and retired. Thank you so much! ”


“Just a quick note to Dr Turner. I saw her on the Marilyn Denis show…went out and bought “Super Charged” and started the next day. I am shocked by the results I have seen in 6 days (5lbs) and the excitement of not feeling like I am 5 months pregnant from my puffy belly. I have only just begun. THANK YOU!!!! ”


“I was part of the audience at the RBC Dominion Securities Women’s Conference and heard her speak, bought her bought and started the program 7 days ago. Also bought the supplements for the 30 days. I have lost an amazing 11.4 pounds, and every other number is falling, except my PH which is a bit higher – which is good. I have much more to lose than most but the first successful diet I have been on.”


“I am happy to say that as a fitness and health professional I followed Dr. Turner’s Supercharged Hormone Diet after my last pregnancy and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IN LIFE. Lost fat, skin glowed, felt amazing, hormones were screened by an Endocrinologist and my bloodwork was like a 20 year old! I looked amazing and felt soooooooooooooooo excited.”


“So far the program is working! I never lost a pound since going through menapause but since I started your program I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks”


“First, I must tell you, 5 weeks later after seeing Dr . Turner at CanFit Pro and following the Supercharged Hormone Diet has made me feel better than I have for years! I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks does for me. I sleep my full 7.5 hours alone, eat tons, and have finally, finally lost my cravings.

I asked Dr. T at CanFit how I can come off the food addiction – and removing sugar and sweetners, along with the right supplements and food combinations is hitting the mark. THANK YOU!!! I have changed my eating habits forever.”


“I have been trying to lose some weight. Since I started menopause, none of even the ‘easy’ first few pounds would come off and I was slowly gaining weight despite my efforts to make healthy choices. I am at the tail end of the detox and I have lost 11 pounds (really easily) and I cannot remember a time in my life where I have felt better. The morning joint aches and headaches I have gotten used to have both disappeared in week 2. I have energy. My skin and hair are even softer! I am actually getting nervous for phase 2 because I don’t want to lose this great feeling. I’ve tucked away my detox supplements and already dated them for next February, in about 6 months, so that I can detox again and restore this feeling.I am genuinely shocked at how different I feel in just a short time. I have told so many of my friends and several have bought the book.

Thank you. I hope I have the same success in phase 2. “


“I never thought that I would go through menopause before I turn 40, I still can’t believe it. I have been reading so many books and none of them really satisfied me until I found your book “The hormone diet”.

That book became my bible. I love it so much. It is so well written and everything is explained so well, I can’t put it down. I take it everywhere with me. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful book!”


“It seems that I may be having some adrenal reaction and the “over exercise” concept in your book really seems to apply. I have done many endurance races in the last year and have not been able to shed a pound. After 2 weeks on the SCHD I have lost 7 pounds and many symptoms on the checklist have disappeared. Thank you for putting together a program that is evidenced based and has enough structure to implement.”

Jill M

“I needed something that would make a long term difference to my life and help me understand how to make change to reach and sustain this goal. The combination of “lectures”, assessments, follow up and supplements in The Hormone Diet Bootcamp was great. I believe that if you really want to understand how sleep, stress, nutritional choices and reasonable regular weight training and exercise can impact your quality of life on a long term basis, the Bootcamp experience is a giant step in the right direction.

I managed to lose a significant number of pounds during the Bootcamp and now, one month later, I continue gradual weight loss and feel very empowered.”

(LOST 23lbs so far!)


“Since I’ve started the detox, I have been feeling incredible, and I’m losing the weight all great, this is the happiest I’ve been in all my life, and I love the strength training! Anthony is a great trainer, very motivating, pushes me to give it my all, and he believes in me – I feel very fortunate to have both of you in my life. I went to see my Endocrinologist and he said my TSH, T4 and T3 are finally normal now! Prior to The Hormone Diet Bootcamp my doctor had said they were too low.

She said I looked great, and asked me how I was feeling, and I said “fantastic”. The changes have been profound and along with the weight loss my skin has cleared, hair is softer, nails stronger, no more mood swings or bloating and I feel better as each day passes.” Marina (dropped 11 lbs and 3 inches off her waist and 3 inches off her hips in the first 5 weeks)

Kathy T

“I had my first appointment at Clear Medicine a couple of weeks ago and am now just a few days short of completing my 2-week detox. I feel great. I have an appointment with one of Clear Medicine’s dieticians on Saturday morning. So far I have lost 9 lbs (!!!) but some other, even bigger things have happened in this short time: softer, less brittle hair, sleeping through the night WITHOUT a sleeping pill (this is huge!), pins and needles and burning sensation in my legs while walking is gone! Did I mention that I feel great? This “diet” is totally doable as a lifestyle! Next step for me will be getting back to the gym and some yoga classes!”


“Dear Turner, I completed the Boston Marathon on Monday – a new personal best time for me (3:30:24) so I’m very pleased. I felt strong at the end and of course had prepared a bottle of Clear Recovery to drink at the finish! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done (and continue to do!) to restore and improve my health to allow me not only to run better but also to live better and feel better. I can’t thank you enough … I’m like the Lindsay of 15 years ago (maybe even better! A Supercharged Lindsay!)”

Female Age 44

“ I just wanted to let you know I followed your six-week program, starting around April 20th, and I am continuing to follow the Glyci-Med approach to eating. I’m really enjoying it, as I feel less bloated and sluggish, have fewer digestive problems and more energy. After the six-weeks, I added a more strenuous workout plan. So far, I have lost nearly 7 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I’m continuing to take magnesium glycinate, as well, and have been sleeping much better and having less muscle stiffness, despite the heavier workouts. Just thought you’d like to add my results to your growing file of success stories! By the way, I also have less upper and lower and back pain, which has plagued me for 15 years, and also feel a lot sturdier, less easily ‘tweaked.’ I think the higher-protein diet has really helped me re-build the muscle mass I had lost after years of vegetarianism/veganism. Fish oil is also helping keep the inflammation down!”


“I want to thank you for the incredible body changing experience, I have lost 19 pounds and Wendy lost just over 10 during the program. In a email conversation directly with Dr. Turner a few weeks back I told her “that if this was a diet then I have found heaven” I can honestly tell you that this has and will be the way I live my life from now on. As I have never dieted in the past as I simply watched people simply put it all back on. I am a fan and have recommended the book to several people I know that are not over weight, but are buddies suffering from joint pain, gout, and other related symptoms that I have identified from reading this book as well as other research I have done since first being introduced to the doctors plan on the Marilyn Dennis show my wife was watching one morning while we were working out.” – Ron


“Dr. Turner, thank you so much for your book, The Hormone Diet. My mother saw it in Woman’s Day magazine and suggested it to me for my thyroid. My boyfriend and I started it just after January 1, 2011. I have lost 7.5 pounds and he has lost 14 pounds after starting the diet. Thank you so much for this healthy living program!”

Female, USA

“I am so excited that after 12 days on The Hormone Diet I have lost 12 pounds.”


“Hi! i just wanted to share how much I love your book and your diet! I bought the book back in May and have been following along since. I have lost 20 lbs and look and feel great. My story is so much bigger than this but will keep it to the point. Whenever any one comments or asks, I recommend your book. I have my mom following along too. When someone comments about the costs of supplements I remind them the cost of a carton of cigarrettes or a case of beer!!! I am actually spending less on groceries. Just wanted to say thank-you! I also love getting my weekly wellness tips email.”

Ivana and Mike

“Hi Dr. Turner, Mike just came out of his follow up appointment with the glaucoma specialist and his eye pressure is remaining steady at 14 in his right eye (this is miraculous since she was preparing to possible do another trabeculectomy since the pressure wasn’t coming down). The drop in pressure was 6 points first measured in August. The left eye is down 2 points to 10 which ensures no further damage to his vision. I know that we can’t conclusively say that the Neuro Optimizer is the reason but we would like to thank you VERY much for introducing Mike to the product!! Since working with you he has improved sooo much!”

Pamela B.

“My mother picked up a copy of The Hormone Diet after I raved about it. She visited Dr Turner’s office in Toronto and got on the detox. She lost 30 pounds over a few months, and has kept it off. She is sleeping more soundly, has a radiant complexion and learned her hormones were out of balance and required a bit of tweaking. My mother is 56 and looks 45! I myself lost 20 pounds and also at an early age was tested as having low progesterone. Thanks The Hormone Diet! My mom does a two week refresher cleanse now and again and finds she no longer needs as much caffeine to keep her going, in fact, she feels awesome.”

Deb. A

“I started The Hormone Diet around last January, I have never felt better, even my scalp cleared up! I have to admit to falling a bit by the wayside this summer but I am taking the book back off the shelf for a refresher. I lost about 20 lbs, skin healthier looking, mood improved, temper more under control, way fewer headaches and my arthritis is better. I figure I feel and maybe even look about 5 to 10 years younger.”

Anna L.

“I started the Hormone diet near the end of Feb. 2010 , have had many functions and family gatherings since, but to my surprise, I managed to lose just about 25 lbs! I do feel better, my blood pressure is better, and the arthritis in my knee, although still sore, is not as bad. Hopefully, as I continue with this “diet” it will get better, as well as lose more weight. The Hormone Diet is not difficult to follow as you do have get to enjoy some of your favorite foods (20% of the time anyways). If I can do it anyone can! Good Health to all.”

Female, USA

Thank you for your wonderful book. It is about time that someone has been able to put all of this valuable information in one reference book. For the past two years since I have become perimenopausal I have been unable to lose weight and keep it off. My ability to keep packing it on was astounding me. My joints and muscles ache like I am 100 years old. I felt like a train out of control. I always suspected that it was related to an imbalance in my hormones, inflammation in my system and a high stress level in my job. Thank you for such clear instructions and guidance! I am starting the detox next week and can hardly wait to see the results

Male, Florida

Thanks to The Hormone Diet, I have completely turned my life around. So far, I have dropped from 368lbs to 331lbs (37lbs!) in five short weeks and I am fitting into pants that I haven’t worn in three years! I can’t believe that I have NO more cravings, late night binges or hunger pangs. My blood pressure is a perfect 120/72 and pulse is 79. I used to have to take an entire cocktail of drugs in order to fall asleep and I am now sleeping naturally from 11:00pm – 7:00am and springing out of bed every morning! When I started I could only do 10min of cardio twice a day and now I am up to 25 minutes of cardio twice daily (three times around the track). And guess what – my doctor cut my antidepressant AND my pain medication in half and I have never felt better! Thank you Dr. Turner – I feel like a new man!

Female, Cape Breton

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time, effort and energy you have put in to writing this book. I have followed the program for a month now, although it took me a couple of weeks to read the book before I started. I felt I wanted to understand things before I began. The results for me have been fantastic. The energy I have now I haven’t had since I was a kid I’m sure!!! No longer to I feel the need to go to sleep at 3 in the afternoon. And the energy level stays into the evening as well. My husband is eating as I am eating, each supper is one of your suggested meals and last night we had the Anti-inflammatory Curry. He said it was the best one yet!!! One bonus for me is that I have always been by cold sores, and the zovirax not worked in a couple years. I would always have a cold sore or one would be threatening to come. This past month I have not had any!!! It has been just great all round. Again, thank you, for giving me a way to feel alive again.

Female, 45, California

I share your book with everyone now! Since as long as I can remember I would pop an asprin every time I started my period or would just stay home the first day because it was so painful. About a year ago however I started to notice that every time I ate I would look like I was 4 months pregnant! Back fat was becoming an issue and I was noticing some cellulite, in addition to irregular periods with heavy bleeding and symptoms of uterine fibroids. Long story short, everything I read in your book was right on and made perfect sense! I modified my diet and lifestyle and begun experiencing completely painless periods that came more regularly and after a few months the bloating problem I seemed to have whenever I ate has completely gone away, even after a week of holiday food!

Female, 49, Mississauga

I suffered desperately from hot flashes and have gained approximately 35 pounds over the last seven years. Nothing worked. I started your detox on October 25, 2009. The hot flashes are virtually non-existent and I have lost 15 pounds. I have had many people comment on my skin and how it looks like it is glowing and I don’t miss or crave anything not on the detox list. It has changed my life immeasurably and I plan to make it a complete life style change.

P.S It is now December 29/09 and I didn’t gain one pound over Christmas.

KT, 44, Ottawa

I am a 44 year old woman that has always had trouble maintaining a healthy weight and losing the last 10 lbs. I have hypothyroidism and suffered severe mood swings, depression and pms. I started your program on June 8, 2009. I have not felt this alive and positive in years! So far I have lost 7 lbs, 2 3/4 inches from my waist and 1 1/2 from my hips. I have increased my workouts and my running. I’m training to run my first 1/2 marathon in September. I gave up coffee and do not miss it. I am enjoying restful sleep, more stamina, a beautiful complexion, a leaner body, positive attitude, an overall enjoyment of life, good health and nutritious eating. I am thankful that I heard about your book and had the support of my partner and family to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


My problem is Menopause. The book is very good, very well written and makes me very excited to get started. I have 3 days of Detox left, and I am already down 6 pounds. I have already lost my cravings for sweets and comfort foods. I can’t wait to get to the last stage and see the weight come off. I saw you on Canada AM and went right out and bought the book that day.

Female 36 and Male 40

“My husband and I both started your 3-steps and the detox diet together. We then moved on to step 2 – hormonally balanced nutrition – and have been following it ever since. It’s been 3 months and we have lost 30+lbs between the two of us! You’ve made it so easy by providing us with all the information we needed to get started and stay with the program! We’ve been recommending your program to everyone we know!”

Female 36

“I had concerns after having my Thyroid removed. I had no energy and I was over weight as a result of my Thyroid problem. Within two months of doing your program, I have lost over 20 pounds safely with your help of explaining how to eat and what to eat. I learned about the importance and power of food and how food was affecting my energy levels. Words cannot express my thanks and appreciation.”

Female 40

“I was tired, bloated and had extra weight that I could not get rid of. I was also not sleeping well, having night sweats and generally zapped of energy. I never would have believed that in just two steps I could be feeling so great. I feel like my old self again. Even my skin is looking better.”

Female 35

“I attribute my recent pregnancy to your program! After 2+ years of “playing it by ear”, we finally got pregnant only 2 months into my new diet regime. I started with your cleanse, eliminated various foods that posed common allergic reactions, and began taking high-quality vitamins necessary to my well-being. Not only did I immediately notice a change in the way I looked and felt, but I believe that this new approach to my health finally got my hormones and my body ready for its first pregnancy!”

Female 37

“Your plan has changed my life. After having my baby who is now almost 4 years old I had trouble losing weight, always felt tired and got sick a lot. It’s been a year since I’ve completed your detox and have been following your recommendations. I have never felt better. I have great energy, I’ve lost weight and above all I feel incredibly healthy. I tell everyone how you optimized my health – better sleep, improved digestions, less colds, more energy!”

Female 30

“I was suffering from low energy and could not seem to shed any pounds. After completing your suggested blood work, we discovered my thyroid was a little sluggish. To a medical doctor, my thyroid was in the normal range but you have taught me about the optimal range. After taking the natural thyroid within only days later I felt more energized and lost weight. I feel so much better thanks to your approach.”

Female 45

“Your exceptional program and dedication has helped me achieve optimum wellness in all aspects of my life – from a more youthful glowing appearance to attaining the health and energy required to keep up with a hectic lifestyle.”

Female 30

“You have helped me achieve hormonal balance and sustainable weight loss. Finally!”

Female 29

“I lost 5 pounds so far! I am really excited because I have learned from you that it may take a long time before I would be able to lose weight due to my hormonal imbalances. So, I was really happy that I lost the 5 pounds. I guess this means that I am taking to your program really well!”