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go site see You can choose many ways to get your hormones back in balance at Dr. Turner ND’s Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique located in Toronto. 

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•    Learn more about our the Clear Medicine programs for enter individuals and groups.

You can also book for these individual services available at Dr. Turner ND’s Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique: •    Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine
•    Functional Medicine Testing and Blood and Saliva Testing
•    Holistic Nutrition
•    Osteopathic Therapy
•    Strength and Metabolic Training
•    Infrared Sauna Therapy
•     Professional Strength and Potency Supplements Available for purchase in-clinic, ordered by phone or on our online store View a few of our favorite selections

watch Feel free to call us 416-579-9105 or reach us at anytime for more information about or our services or our pricing. We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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Get in touch 123 Dupont St.
Toronto ON, M5R 1V4
p 416 579 9105
f 647 349 3009

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