Master the Workout

The Supercharged Hormone Diet

You can master our Hormone Optimization Training (H.O.T), as recommended in The Hormone Diet and Supercharged Hormone Diet, in person at Clear Medicine. We specialize in 30-minute free-weight approach that’s based on the latest research from the field of exercise. It promotes the perfect hormonal balance to increase muscle, to decrease body fat and to aid stress reduction.

Our philosophy is simple – keep it short and high intensity, use a moderate to heavy amount of weight (without compromising form) and recruit as many muscle groups as possible during each session. You must also consume the right foods before and after your workouts to maximize its hormonal benefits.

The end results you can expect from this style of training are:

  • a workout that offers the best results aesthetically – if you want to love the way you look in the mirror, this is the workout for you
  • improved insulin balance, which leads to loss of fat around the “love handles”, back of the arms, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar balance, lower blood pressure and anti-aging
  • reduction in cortisol and avoidance of the stress associated with over-exercising
  • improved balance of the sex and anti-stress hormones in men and women (estrogen, testosterone and DHEA), which offers improved fat burning, motivation, sex drive and anti-aging effects
  • maximized growth hormone – the main hormone involved in muscle and bone tissue growth, repair and antiaging

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