The Carb Sensitivity Program

I read about resveratrol. However I cannot tolerate red wine, I have drank it twice in my life and ended up throwing up both times. What would you recommend?
Resveratrol is an extract from red wine so it’s effects are very different than having a glass of it. I recently wrote about the supplement for Chatelaine.

I have been reading through the supercharged hormone diet book and am really eager to get started, I just had a few questions, maybe I can get answers here?! I work in the hospitality industry meaning I have a schedule of varying lunch and dinner shifts. I know these hours don’t coincide with the guideline hours for eating/sleeping in the book. Can I adapt this to my schedule or am I inhibiting myself this way? Typically for a dinner shift I wake up around 10/11am leave for work at 4pm and get home around 1am having a short break around 1030/11pm for food (dinner). I realize this is not remotely similar to the guidelines but can’t really be avoided due to my job, what would you suggest?
Great question. First off, be sure to eat every 3 hours when you are awake. To regulate your sleep patterns I recommend taking Relora or Clear Balance on rising (1 capsule) and before bed (2 capsules) daily. Then take 3mg of Melatonin before bed on nights where you are not on a late shift and can get to bed at a regular time. Together this should help reduce excess cortisol (and belly fat) and regulate your sleep rhythm. Keep us posted!

Update and Question – I’m in the middle of Phase 4 and have lost 12.5 lbs to date. I feel great and love this program. I was a little hesitant to be in Phase 4 since bread has always been my love, and am glad to see that this week, I have lost 1.5 lbs so far and have not had any symptoms. Which makes me excited to get to the next phase and my other love of pasta. So my question is the totals for Carbs/Protein/Fat that you ask us to follow each day, is the Carbs total a Net total or a Total Carbs total?”
Congratulations on your success, it’s wonderful!! The recommend breakdown is for the total carbs not net carbs.

I am a type 2 Diabetic on insulin, and I have lost some weight and needed less insulin. But following these phases do i purposly cut back in my insulin dosages or do I just watch my blood sugar readings?
I recommend watching your blood sugar very closely and making adjustments from there.

I’m on Phase two of CSP and am looking ahead to phase three which is adding legumes….I never eat legumes and have no plan to eat them in the future. Do I have to do phase three? Can I just go to phase four?
You can skip right to Phase Four, no problem.

I love the meal plans in CSP. Except…I absolutely hate bananas, goat anything, beets and mushrooms. Can these meals be replaced with another meal from the same phase?
Yes for sure. You can substitute it for any other meal from that phase. You can also switch bananas for 1/2 cup of berries, mushrooms for another allowed veggie and remove the goat cheese from a recipe.

Is it ok to eat miracle noodle? They are made of konjac flour.
Yes you can. These are made from glucomannan, which is used as a natural fiber in some nutritional supplements.

I have a question, coconut milk is in which category in the CSP?
According to calorieking.com and the nutrition breakdown, I would consider this as a fat.

I have never eaten the items in Phase Two except for carrots. So my question is, do I only eat carrots, or proceed to start Phase Three?
You can have carrots as the phase two carb once daily and then progress accordingly to the next phase.

Which program do you recommend starting with THD or CSP?
You are welcome to start with either program, however many people prefer to begin with The Hormone Diet or The Supercharged Hormone Diet to balance their hormones, and then proceed to do The Carb Sensitivity Program to improve their insulin sensitivity and body composition.

What is the best way to prepare the meal plans?
You can take one day of recipes and repeat it for 3 days. So make 3 times the amount in that particular recipe and then all meals would be interchangeable (however only one starchy meal per day as per the phase that you are in). Therefore any meal that requires prep is done on one day. The only thing that would be an exception is the egg dishes and smoothies since they need to be made fresh.