Case Studies

The Carb Sensitivity Program


“Just as I had entered the stage of my life where my career had never been more fulfilling, I felt as if I had lost my body. I reluctantly accepted that this must be one of life’s tradeoffs that no one ever tells you about. I met with Dr. Turner ND and started the Carb Sensitivity Program. In three months I lost 25 pounds, and never felt hungry or deprived. I had been worried when she told me that I temporarily needed to go off anything that was fermented — and that wine fell into that category. But once on her program I stopped having cravings and I stopped being hungry—and did I say I lost 25 pounds!”

Age 52

Weight 186 161 1. Weight gain
Body Fat 29% 26% 2. Fatigue
BMI 27 25 3. Bloating

Dr. Turner ND’s Notes

Sandra discovered she was sensitive to healthy carbs such as whole wheat, brown rice and sweet potato. She now avoids these foods, and her cravings diminished, her concentration improved, and she stopped waking up periodically in the middle of the night.


“ I have been delighted with the Carb Sensitivity Program, and lost 11 pounds in the first week. This is the first diet that actually works! I like the personalized nature of the program, and the fact that the program provides me with the understanding of what types of food I should eat and why. In the end, it turned out not to be about losing weight but about being healthy and feeling good.”

Age 47

Weight 194 173 1. Wanted to have better overall health
Body Fat 22% 17% 2. Excess belly fat
BMI 27.4 24.5

Dr. Turner ND’s Notes

Larry has little to no sensitivities to healthy carbs, and his dramatic weight loss enabled him to progress from Phase 1 directly to Phase 6. He reported feeling more energetic and he was no longer binging late at night. I have not seen him in almost a year but his friend who referred Larry to me says he is still on the program and looking great.


“Over the past year on the Carb Sensitivity Program I have dropped from 368lbs to 259lbs! I am now completely off my antidepressants and my pain medication with the aid of my doctor. I can’t believe that I have NO more cravings, late night binges or hunger pangs. My blood pressure is a perfect 120/72 and pulse is 79. I used to have to take an entire cocktail of drugs in order to fall asleep and I am now sleeping naturally from 11:00pm – 7:00am and springing out of bed every morning I have more energy now, then when I was in my twenties. I have no doubt now that I will see 220lbs on the scale one day soon. If I can do it anyone can!”

Age 54

Weight 368 259 1. Obesity
BMI 49.9% 35.1% 2. Depression
Waist 63″ 46″ Joint and muscle pain
Hips 56.5″ 44.5″ Difficulty sleeping

Dr. Turner ND’s Notes

Alan progressed to Phase 2, which includes no starchy grains and low glycemic fruit, fibrous vegetables and one serving of select starchy vegetables such as carrots, summer squash, beets, turnip, pumpkin or spaghetti squash in her daily menu plan. This selection of carbohydrates kept his blood sugar adn insulin levels low and his cravings at bay. Later on we introduced one cheat meal per week and his weight loss continued to progress. All his bloodwork returned into the normal range and he no longer has any desire to binge late at night on high carb foods.