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Is Inflammation Making and Keeping You Fat?

Posted May 23, 2018

source site By Dr. Natasha Turner ND Believe it or not inflammation isn’t just linked to swollen joints – it plays a role in everything from digestive disorders and allergies to autoimmune diseases and abdominal fat. Even more so, the very presence Read the full article…


How Stress Sabotages Your Sleep

Posted April 24, 2018

cialis reviews online By Dr. Natasha Turner ND If you’re not getting enough shut-eye, you’re certainly not alone. Since 1999, the National Sleep Foundation has conducted annual, nationwide polls on sleep habits and attitudes toward sleep. The first of these polls revealed that Read the full article…


Heavy toll of stress – from stress to burnout and back again

Posted April 10, 2018

help with filing divorce papers Poor lifestyle choices can contribute to increased cortisol levels, even if you aren’t actively “stressing” about something. Whether the stress is real (like someone stopping suddenly in front of your car) or imagined (such as anxiety for a meeting with Read the full article…

Stress Might Be Making You Fat


online essay writing help Stress doesn’t just pack on the pounds, it also increases your appetite, drops your metabolism, increases cravings, lowers your libido, disrupts your sleeping patterns, and throws your hormones out of balance. According to recent research, if you are stressed and Read the full article…

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Craving Carbs, Feeling Tired, Having Anxiety or Feeling Depressed? Dr. Turner ND has some solutions for teens, young adults and adults.

Posted March 12, 2018

https://roanokechowan.edu/pharmacy/psa-viagra/21/ By Dr. Natasha Turner ND Recognizing depression is the first necessary step to recovery. The symptoms, however, may vary and be experienced repeatedly over a few days, weeks, or months at a time, including: changing sleep patterns–oversleeping or insomnia early Read the full article…


A Simple Guide To Daily Wellness

Posted February 27, 2018

http://jarmac.com/2019/job-description-essay/4/ By Natasha Turner, ND With my patients, I always stress it is not knowledge that ensures good health, but action. Think about it—how many diet or self-help books have you read but never applied the principles to your daily life? Read the full article…

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Improve Your Liver Health For Better Weight Loss

Posted January 30, 2018

http://projects.csail.mit.edu/gsl/signup/?may=introduction-thesis-master By Dr. Natasha Turner ND Your liver and your bowels are essential to good health. The largest organ in the body, the liver is roughly the size of a football. It is located on the right side of your abdomen, Read the full article…

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