Can you recommend a natural weight loss product or a hunger suppressant?

Posted March 20, 2012

Question: Hi there, I am an obese 50 year old. I have lost some weight in last two years but still have a lot more to lose. Any suggestion on a natural weight loss product or a hunger suppressant?
Answer: The two most important steps to breaking past a plateau are altering your eating habits and changing your exercise program in ways that challenge your body and shake things up (I recommend following the detox and exercise guidelines outlined in The Supercharged Hormone Diet). You must also evaluate your lifestyle (honestly) and any negative symptoms you may be experiencing to determine your sources of interference. In addition, here are a few ideas to help you power past a plateau: Add in 1,000 mg of tyrosine each morning on an empty stomach (avoid if you have high blood pressure), increase your activity level, add in regular weight training sessions to boost the number of calories your body burns daily, try cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, keep a food journal and have a nutritionist review it, and finally, drink plenty of water! Products such as green tea extract, high dose fish oil and CLA are also great additions to a fat loss program. Taking a non-psyllium fiber supplement twice daily in your smoothies or in a large glass of water will also keep your appetite at bay. Good luck!

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