Are there herbal supplements that can help anxiety?

Posted March 20, 2012

Question: Are there herbal supplements that can help anxiety? I suffer from generalized anxiety, I am taking no medication. I also have celiac. I was wondering if you could suggest any type of herbal supplement(s) for anxiety and general well being. Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for anxiety. Nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements and exercise must be incorporated into any effective anxiety treatment plan. However you may find that your anxiety and your celiac symptoms are linked. I recommend consulting with a naturopath for a customized plan to boost your immunity and strengthen your adrenals. I have also listed additional recommendations below:

– Boost your exercise (strength training and cardio).
– Eliminate caffeine and sugar and eat balanced meals.
– Decrease stress hormone (cortisol) with phosphatidylserine and herbs ashwagandha or relora.
– Boost your feel-good hormone (serotonin) levels with 5-HTP or tryptophan.
– Increase levels of the calming brain chemical GABA.
– Get your mercury levels tested.
– Participate in a yoga or meditation class 1-2x a week.

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