5 Ways Fish Oil Supplements Help Fat Loss:

Posted September 24, 2015

Five Ways Fish oil Supplements Help Fat Loss:

Dr. Natasha Turner ND

Somebody recently asked me:

“I am curious if cod liver oil has any affect such as olive oil. I have been taking two tables a day and for the last two months and have been losing weight.” – Cyril

Cyril, your results speak for themselves – fish oils do help us to lose fat. Here’s how:

  1. They stimulate secretion of leptin, one of the hormones that decreases our appetite and promotes fat burning.
  2. They help us burn fat by activating the fat burning metabolic pathways in our liver.
  3. Fish oils encourage storage of carbs as glycogen (an energy source in our liver and muscles) rather than fat.
  4. They are natural anti-inflammatory agents. Inflammation causes weight gain and can prevent fat loss by interfering with our fat burning pathways in the liver and muscle cells.
  5. They possess documented insulin-sensitizing effects. Since each and every cell membrane in our body is made of fat, our dietary fatty acid intake determines the healthy composition of all our cells. When we eat fatty acids such as those in fish oils — eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — our cell membranes become more fluid and more receptive to insulin. The more insulin receptors we have on the surface of our cells, the lower our insulin levels. The lower our insulin levels, the less hormonal message telling our body to store energy as fat. Healthy cell membranes allow us to enjoy greater wellness benefits and weight loss as we prime our body for better insulin balance.


Because of the scientific evidence to support their use, fish oils are an essential component of the The Hormone Diet plan.  Along with whey protein powder and vitamin D3, they should form the foundation of your supplement plan. 

I most commonly prescribe two capsules twice daily of a pharmaceutical grade, extra- strength, enteric coated (which means no fishy aftertaste) fish oil that that contains a concentrated dose of EPA and DHA for optimal fat-burning effects like my Marine-Based Omega 3’s.


Recommended brands found in your local health food store or natural pharmacy:

  • EPA/DHA Extra Strength Enteric Coated Capsules from Metagenics
  • Opti EPA Liquid from Douglas Labs
  • proDHA Capsules or ProEFA from Nordic Naturals
  • Super DHA Capsules or MedOMEGA Liquid Fish Oil from Carlson
  • My high-potency enteric coated Marine-Based Omega 3’s Fish Oil Capsules


4 thoughts on “5 Ways Fish Oil Supplements Help Fat Loss:

  1. Hi There……i was just wondering if the nutrasea omega 3, plus vitamin D, liquid supplement is a good one to use as well……and how much?…..i have been taking one teaspoon a day….and is there a better time of day to take it ?


    1. Hello Tina,

      It is important to remember when taking your fish oils that you make certain that they are refrigerated to prevent them from going rancid. The brand that you mentioned was recommended in my book, so it is acceptable. You can increase your dosage to twice a day, and make sure you are taking with meals 🙂

    1. Hello Tony,

      You should stick to a vegan variety such as the “Pure Form Omega” which is an amazing alternative, I prescribe it to my patients all the time and they love it 🙂

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