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Gain Control of Your Appetite

Posted August 26, 2021

Insulin and leptin are two of our big hunger hormones. Understandably, an imbalance results in a major and sometimes uncontrollable boost in appetite. And if you don’t stop the pattern now, it will only get worse. Dr. Zane Andrews, a Read the full article…

4 Ways To Quickly Hydrate Your Body

Posted May 25, 2021

by Dr. Natasha Turner ND According to the Dietitians of Canada, our bodies are comprised of 60 to 70 percent water, which we need to, “digest food, carry nutrients, remove waste, cushion organs and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.” But Read the full article…

The Surprise Benefits of Vitamin C

Posted May 10, 2021

When most of us think of Vitamin C we think it is good for strengthening immune system. Some of you might be surprised to learn this wonder and essential vitamin has lots of other impressive benefits as well. It can Read the full article…


The Hormone Boost

The Hormone Boost – Available Now

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Natasha Turner, ND, returns with a simple and effective wellness plan that harnesses the power of the six hormones linked to weight loss, strength and energy.
Pre-order you copy today!
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Supercharged Hormone Diet

The Supercharged Hormone Diet

Now, an instant national bestseller, The Supercharged Hormone Diet allows us to start losing weight as soon as we crack open the book.
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The Hormone Diet

The Hormone Diet

A national bestseller, this book is loaded with the latest scientific research and recommendations to finally help you achieve the look you have been longing for!
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Carb Sensitivity Program

The Carb Sensitivity Program

The Carb Sensitivity Program is a simple nutrition plan (with recipes!) that produces quick, consistent and lasting weight-loss results.
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Dr. Turner ND has changed the way she works with her Naturopathic and Nutritionist team members within Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique, as each has direct access to her for case consultations, input, and suggestions via text, email and phone at most times. Dr. Turner ND’s past experience providing similar services for a nutrition and wellness franchise created the perfect platform for her to work in this capacity with her very own team.  Practitioners meet with Dr. Turner ND every Thursday for case and clinical education.

Become A Patient at Dr. Turner ND’s Clear Medicine Clinic

Ultimately, the direct shared access and ability to consult on a patient-by-patient basis ensures the best possible practice. Dr. Turner ND is also happy to speak with you to review your case and to determine which of her associates is best suited to your health and wellness needs. And it is our clinic policy that, once you have become a patient of Clear Medicine, you can have a consult with her to review or provide a second opinion on your case at any time.

When you are considering becoming one of our patients, while you are free to book for any of our individual services, our specialty is our programs. Use our helpful checklist below to determine which of our programs, Clear Medicine Wellness or Clear Medicine Weight Loss, is best suited to you.

Call 416 579 9105 or to book or to learn more about our pricing and clinical team. 

A bright neon on a brick wall in a storeClear Medicine Wellness

This program is based on The Hormone Diet, #69 on The CBC Top 150 Bestselling Books of The Decade and The New York Times Bestselling book The Supercharged Hormone Diet#29 on the US News Best Diets Overall List If you experience one or more of the following concerns…
·         Sleep issues
·         Stress
·         Fatigue
·         Bloating
·         Digestive issues
·         Allergies
·         Headaches
·         Mood concerns
·         Acne
·         Eczema and skin conditions

Learn more about Clear Medicine Wellness or call us at 416 579 9105 or to book or to learn more about our pricing.

A large market Sauter scale next to picture of oranges and a checkout lineClear Medicine Weight Loss

Our program based on The Carb Sensitivity Program and The Hormone Boost If you struggle with one or more of the following issues…

·         Difficulty losing weight
·         Overweight
·         Belly fat
·         Cravings
·         High cholesterol
·         Diabetes type 2
·         Pre-diabetes
·         Low energy
·         High blood pressure

Check out the Clear Medicine Weight Loss program specifics here or reach us at 416 579 9105 or to book or to learn more about our pricing.

Group Programs

Prefer the motivation and fun that comes from a group setting? Check out our group formats.

Whichever 5-Week program you and your naturopathic doctor choose for you, we encourage you to follow up with us at least once a season after the completion of your program to keep you on track for lasting wellness.


Feel free to call us six days a week at 416 579 9105 or reach us at anytime for more information about or our services or our pricing.

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